Where is Morocco Travels Association ?

The association Morocco Travels is located in a small town called errachidia south-east of Morocco is in North Africa.

You will be staying in Errachidia in house or schools with the volunteers and the coordinators. This will afford you the opportunity to get to know the Moroccan culture quite closely as well as the cultures of the other volunteers that may be serving at the same time you stay.
Facilities include swimming pool that you can enjoy the volunteers.

You will eat what Moroccan’s eat! A large variety of Moroccaan foods will be available. These include Couscous, Tajine, Harira, etc… that are special Moroccan food and also a range of North Africa vegetables and fruits (apples, orange, bananas and more).
Chai (African Tea will be plenty). Meat and chicken is also available at times. There are small shops in Errachdia to buy other things you may want.

Errachidia is generally safe, however volunteers are advised to be accompanied by a coordinator of the association if they have to be out after nightfall to not be lost.

The work you do with the pupils will depend on your area of interest, where possible this may include the following: Spending time with the children giving them attention and love.
Teaching- languages, Art, Health or whatever your specialty is.
Instruction and playing sports and games such as football, running etc.
Cleaning the area and repairing what it can be repaired as we can.
Painting schools and public places.
Making bricks and distribute them to nomads.
Playing music and doing theater for children.
There is something for everyone to keep you as busy as you wish! We will design a program to meet your talents and desires.


Reproducir música y hacer teatro para niños.

Pintura escuelas y espacios públicos.

Habrá algo que hacer para todo el mundo, hay mucho para mantenerlo ocupado como usted quisiera.

The Camps have electricity, and you can bring your cell phone.

You will not need a visa if you are coming from Europe, America, Australia. And if you are coming from another country in Asia or Africa you just need to contact the Moroccan embassy in your country.

What language is spoken in Morocco?

Tamazight, Moroccan (Darija) and Arabic are the major languages spoken, most Moroccan speak French, Spanish and English. All projects include an hour a day of Arabic classes.

This is difficult to answer, it depends on the situation. We limit the number of volunteers to 50 at this time.

The weather in ERRACHEDIA is usually pleasant and sunny all the year. But few times it’s windy (one day per month).

Sneakers are a must. A Jacket and T shirts are needed. A hat to protect you from the sun and sunglasses would help.

In Morocco the transportation is by Bus, car, Taxi etc… . It's quite as adventure.

In the weekends MOROCCO TRAVELS will organise weekend excursions to see the desert of Merzouga, the high gorges of Todgha and Dades.

There are 2 reasons why we ask participation fees in advance. First, because we need money in advance for advertising and installation of work camps.
These are expenditures which already need to be covered before the start of the work camp. The second reason is to secure your participation placement. Not everybody that applies for the work camps actually comes.
We need to know the exact number of volunteers to prepare a project.

Morocco Travels

Morocco Travels