Who we are ?

A non- profit organization

Morocco travels is an association created by a group of young Moroccan  who love community work, travel, adventures and international music, sport.

Many of our members have worked for long years in several associations working in the field of volunteering and humanitarian in general.


What we aim to ?


The association aims to achieve a number of activities in several areas , especially childhood , adventure , music , sports, travel , and environment , through a series of activities organized and run by members of the association and others.


Our theory

Open to the participation of everyone ,we want to give the children of the region new ways pedagogically different based on the adequate entertainment and which adapts with the world of today, that will improve their academic performance and ensure the development of their personality. Awareness/raising children as well as adults to the dangers that threaten their environment, teach them the right ways and behave vis-à-vis the environment.

What we want?

To ceate a community of people how believes in culture of sharing, how have a common idea to make change in this place of world. Our association is trying to make it possible and ready to assist in any public institution in need of it's services, to participate in any activity for the benefit of the community. We work also to break down barriers between people of the world by 

  • Offering our visitors a chance to gain new experiences 
  • Giving oportunities to our volunteers to discover our traditional culture and knowing the real life in Morocco
  • Doing solidary travels , adventures and music.
Morocco Travels