Morocco Travels Objective

Morocco Travels Association is an organization that aims to create a climate of socio- cultural exchange between the different people of the world , and to make a foccus upon the values of the Moroccan people as a warm and fraternity symbol.

It also aims cultural integration through the development ,implementation and promotion of natural , cultural, historical potential of the civilization of Morocco , through the promotion of activities related to solidarity tourism ( local products , fauna and flora , cultural heritage and architectural ksours , local crafts , cooking ;with a view to improving the living conditions of the indigenous population) .

Morocco Travels Association develops a new way to travel. exploring the Moroccan civilization , especially that of in habitants of south areas where scenic beauty arouses the appetite to explore the different facets of this ancient heritage, rub lifestyle of the population and contribute to the improvement of their living conditions while drawing up the smile on the faces of thousands of children.
To do this, we put forward a range of unique and diverse tourism products while organizing it into three basic project namely:

-Solidarity Tourism
-Adventure Travels
-Music Travels.

each product is characterized by special services giving it a cultural and touristic attraction . yet these three products do possess a common denominator that of sharing socio-cultural values ​​ of solidarity with the people visited.

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