Required Conditions


Our volunteers should be:
  • have more than 18 years
  • Willing to work as a volunteer.
  • Being flexible means to be ready to understand difficult situations and change the plan or the original program when necessary.
  • having the ability to adapat to new situations and work, sometimes with several communities with different objectives and ways of organization.
  • Being willing to learn and teach. The volunteer not only has to have as an objective sharing the knowledge and help, but also receive it.
  • The volunteers have many questions, they want to learn how, what, when, who, where and why. Learning through teaching is one of the most memorable experience that a volunteer can have.
  • When you decide to join our association, remember these three words; they will help you to adapt easier to the culture, programs and projects

  • Volunteer's Responsibilities:
  • Try to read the history and the most important traditions of the country you are going to visit.
  • Volunteers get sufficient insurance coverage for their travel and stay abroad.
  • Volunteers pay expenses for travel, leisure activities and personal needs out of their own pocket money.
  • The volunteers should take into account that they are responsible of washing their dishes and keep their spaces clean, the clothes,etc.
  • The volunteers have the possibility to program the activities according their preferences and the children's preferences. for examples of activities are theatre, dancing, music, games and sports.
  • The volunteers should keep in mind that each culture is different and their costums and  tradition must be respected.
  • The volunteers  should work in group and promote communication.
  • The volunteers should understand that their education does not allow to criticize or judge other cultures.
  • The volunteers should have an open attitude and cooperative towards the instructions of the association.
  • The volunteers should understand that being a volunteer is a gift and a privilege.


  • Help us ?

    Do you like what we do and want to help us?
    These are some ways how to help us:
    Help others to find us, and help us to find others.
    You can help us advertising our projects by printing and hanging our flyer in your university, library, and other places where you can hang advertisements. In these places there are spaces reserved for hanging flyers. In this way others can maybe have the time and the energy to come and work for our projects. .

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