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  To break the monotony of activitées to relax and volunteers , Morocco travels organizes trips to the blue source Meski :

What can we do to Meski ?
you can swim in a beautiful natural pool , make sunbathing, and live in a richly green oasis , visit the ancient ksar , buy leather goods at reasonable prices, and spend a wonderful day  the campsite listening to local music .

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With its tourism potential used to its maximum , a large part of the charm of Blue Source Mesk ; as soon as you exit the bus or car , there is even an entrance fee . The area is divided into two areas, the first is a pool now , ready for tourists
seeking shelter against the heat that haunts this area three quarters of the year. It is really nice, but there is nothing that will give you the same feeling you get in reality. Pool , tennis wall, then you can swin in what is explained in the source itself. This is normally not visible, because it ends with a hole in the wall of the mountain.
There is even a tunnel leading up to the pool for even more original, which has real stone walls , but fortunately not the same side .
 Here, people from the neighboring village down to get their water.
Large green palms, and women in clothing color

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