What Can I Do?

Your volunteer experience will include teaching a lot of really cute kids something from your area of expertise, playing music, sports and doing activities with them, painting, making bricks for the Nomads etc… You are welcome to make home visits, discover our culture and heritage, learn to cook Moroccan meals and whatever else may come up. Each day is unique with challenges and opportunities and we look to join with our volunteers to meet those challenges.

Our volunteer program enables you to experience life in North Africa and to truly have impact upon our lifestyle you will touch. Your participation will also make a real difference in the desert, Morocco region, where poverty.

We offer orientation for our new volunteers to become acquainted with the local culture, language, and the project work. As an organization, we try and provide volunteers with an experience of African/Moroccan lifestyle.

We truly appreciate your interest in volunteering at Association Morocco Travels and we look forward to hearing from you!


  • Help us ?

    Do you like what we do and want to help us?
    These are some ways how to help us:
    Help others to find us, and help us to find others.
    You can help us advertising our projects by printing and hanging our flyer in your university, library, and other places where you can hang advertisements. In these places there are spaces reserved for hanging flyers. In this way others can maybe have the time and the energy to come and work for our projects. .

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