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Morocco Travels is a non- profit organization created by a group of young Moroccan , who love community work , travel , adventures and international music,sport. Many of our members have worked for long years in several associations working in the field of volunteering and humanitarian in general.

The association aims to achieve a number of activities in several areas , especially childhood , adventure , music , sports, travel , and environment , through a series of activities organized and run by members of the association and others.

Open to the participation of everyone , the association will give children in the area learning and entertainment opportunities that will improve their academic performance and ensure the development of their personality. It will also attract their attention, as well as adults, to the dangers threatening our environment and thus the importance of fighting against anything that might affect it, contributing to the overall effort to protect our environment .

The association Morocco Travels is also ready to assist in any public institution in need of it's services. It is also ready to participate in any activity for the benefit of the community.

Our association also works to break down barriers between peoples of the world to help our visitors gain new experiences , and to discover our traditional culture and live the true meaning of Moroccan life , doing volunteer travel , adventure , and music.

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    Do you like what we do and want to help us?
    These are some ways how to help us:
    Help others to find us, and help us to find others.
    You can help us advertising our projects by printing and hanging our flyer in your university, library, and other places where you can hang advertisements. In these places there are spaces reserved for hanging flyers. In this way others can maybe have the time and the energy to come and work for our projects. .

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